Electronic controls are susceptible to troubles when the temperature is too high. They are cooled frequently by the blow in method with air from the atmosphere with the risk of humidity being sucked into the electrical panel. Apart from this, cooling effects are therefore often unsatisfactory in the warm season. The panel cooler of the switch cabinet has been developed in line with more than 20 years of experience in refrigeration engineering. The units constructed are ready to be mounted in the standard cabinets. The efficient fully hermetical refrigerating compressor is of oscillation proof arrangement, that is to say vibrations cannot be transmitted to any other unit. The axial fans for ventilation of the condenser and evaporator assure through aeration of the switch cabinet. With this cooling system the moisture is removes from the air inside the switch cabinet, fact which is of utmost importance for the very use in subtropical regions. On the flanging side of the unit there is a round packing of mossy rubber to assure perfect sealing between the inside and outside. Capacities available in 500 Watts to 6000 Watts in standard & can be costumed depending on the application demand.




SK-03 to SK-20

Cooling Capacity Kcal/Hr

500 Watts to 3500 Watts

Mounting Holes

10 x 6Nos.

Oil flow range (LPM)


Port Inlet / outlet size, BSP (Female)


Power supply. (50Hz Ac)

230V, 1ph / 415V, 3ph.