We design & produce highly efficient Heat Exchangers for diversified Industrial applications. The uncontrolled rise in temperature of Thermic Fluids, Hydraulic oil, Lubricating oil, Process water  & other liquids results in reduced efficiency, & thus leads to undesired inaccuracies, Hence, the temperature of such liquids, has to be controlled within the permissible range. Normally it is found that, the temperature of oil just above or equal to ambient temperature is suitable for working conditions. To attain this temperature, we manufacture different type of Heat Exchangers such as Air-cooled Heat Exchangers, Water cooled Heat Exchangers, Plate type Heat Exchangers, Special purpose cooling systems & Refrigerated type of chiller units depending on the application requirement 

Heat Exchangers

Model : DKL-025
Cooling Capacity Kcal/HR : 250
Mounting :  
D -
E -
Hole 8.5 x 2
Oil flow Range( LMP ) : 6-8
Port in/out size, BSP ( fEMALE ) : 3/8 "
Power Supply( 50HZ,AC) : 1ph,230v