We design & manufacture special type of ball valves required for Duplex type applications in L-Port Ball Valves & T-port Ball Valve design in sizes 15mm to 150mm in carbon steel and stainless steel construction. The ball valve is offered for duplex filter, heat exchangers, multiport lines and chemical processing industries. The properties of low frictional PTFE seat are further enhanced by design to ensure positive shutoff and low torque operation. The speciality of our design is in two piece construction instead of three piece design to further ensure the zero leakage & pressure withstanding in high pressure applications. The valves are designed to withstand high working pressure of more than 100bar in critical applications. Periodic maintenance and lubrication are not required as PTFE seats posses self lubrication characteristics.

A special ‘lip seat’ design ensures retention of seal for many cycles in handling oil, air, chemical, gas, acid, alkali, oxygen and many other services.