The uncontrolled rise in temperature of Hydraulic oil, Lubricating oil, coolant oils  & other liquids results in reduced efficiency & thus leads to undesired inaccuracies in m/c. components. Hence, the temperature of such oils, has to be controlled within the permissible range. Normally it is found that, the temperature of oil just above or equal to ambient temperature is suitable for working conditions. To attain this temperature universally employed, economic means of oil cooling method is adopted, which is known as the AIR BLAST OIL COOLINGwhere the stream of air is used from the atmosphere to cool the oil.

As air always is available in unlimited quantities in atmosphere, air is being sucked in, at the specially designed radiator, (in which the circulation of oil takes place) and is blown out. Thus, the heat is being carried out with the exhaust, and the temperature of oil is maintained with respect to ambient temperature. Capacity ranges from 500 Kcal/Hr to 30000 Kcal/Hr in standard models & can be costumed / tailored

Oil Coolers


DKL-025 to DKL300

Cooling Capacity Kcal/Hr

250 to 30000 Kcal/Hr

Mounting Holes

11 x 4Nos.

Oil flow range (LPM)

5 to 200 LPM

Port Inlet / outlet size, BSP (Female)

3/8” / 3/4” / 1” & 1 ½”

Power supply. (50Hz Ac)

230V, 1ph / 415V, 3ph.