The uncontrolled rise in temperature of Hydraulic oils, lubrication oils, coolant oils and other liquids leads to inaccuracies of sensitive components like spindles, bearings, valves etc, due to thermal variations. Hence, temperature of such oils has to maintained at optimum level, lesser than the ambient temperatures, in many cases during warm season. This has led to the development of our stand alone type Refrigerated oil chiller, completely operating on Refrigeration & electrical circuit with Automatic operation, depending on oil temperature settings 

The oil chiller coolers can be supplied with or without circulation pumps. The media to be cooled passes through a specially designed evaporator chamber and is cooled continuously by circulation. Highly reliable hermatic compressor of reputed make are used. Electrical controls with overload protection, indicators lamps, HP/LP switches and timer etc., are incorporated. The required temperature can be set and controlled through an electronic device.



DL-13S to DL-300T

Cooling Capacity Kcal/Hr

1285 to 30000 Kcal/Hr

Mounting Holes.

Wheels X 4Nos.

Oil flow range (LPM)

10LPM to 150LPM

Port Inlet / outlet size, BSP (Female)

3/8” / 3/4” / 1” & 1 ½”

Power supply. (50Hz Ac)

230V, 1ph / 415V, 3ph.