Modern and highly productive machines and process require continuous supply of chilled water for optimum utilization of capacities and smother operations. Water chillers / coolers mfrd by us are compact in design with reliable fully hermetic compressors designed to work continuously. Stainless steel water storage tank with pump for circulation incorporated in the unit. Complete electrical with temperature indicator cum controller, safety devices are standard features. The cooling capacity from 0.5TR to 10TR are available in standard range & can be custom-built of desired capacity depending on the requirement.

Applications are injection moulding machines, plasma, laser and welding equipments, electronic micro scopes, X-ray machines etc.




WRK-13S to WRK-300T

Cooling Capacity Kcal/Hr

1285 to 30000 Kcal/Hr

Mounting Holes

Wheel x 4Nos

Water  flow range (LPM)

10LPM to 150LPM

Port Inlet / outlet size, BSP (Female)

3/8” / 3/4” / 1” & 1 ½”

Power supply. (50Hz Ac)

230V, 1ph / 415V, 3ph.