Coolant chillers mfrd by us are in great demand due to the latest developments in the machining technology which calls for the chilled coolant to avoid the deformation in the machined components. Highly sophisticated CNC machines & SPM’s demand high productivity resulting in the temperature rise of the coolant oils beyond control, leading to the deformation of the machined components & undesired in-accuracies of sensitive components like spindles, bearings, valves etc due to thermal variations.

Understanding the need, we have indigenously developed immersion type of coolant chillers & are so designed that the cooling coils can be simply immersed in the coolant & cooling is achieved by means of direct contact. Normally, the temperatures of coolants well below ambient temp is desired for attaining the required finish & accuracies in machine components. Hence, the cooling process is through Refrigeration system with the electronic temp controller for automatic operation. The cooling system can also be supplied with suitable filtration systems being manufactured by us. The cooling capacity is available from 0.5 TR to 10 TR in standard range & will be preferably designed to accommodate the existing coolant tanks.



ET-13S to 300T.

Cooling Capacity Kcal/Hr

1285 to 30000 Kcal/Hr.

Mounting Holes


Oil flow range (LPM)


Port Inlet / outlet size, BSP (Female)


Power supply. (50Hz Ac)

230V, 1ph / 415V, 3ph.